About Millar Management

Established in 1983, Millar Management is an internationally recognised business, creating architectural designs and operational solutions for a number of industries, with a particular expertise in the rapidly changing Aviation Industry.

Over the last 20 years, the business has developed a highly experienced team, servicing the Aviation Industry.  It has successfully completed a large number of projects by combining its architectural expertise and comprehensive understanding of airline operations with technical expertise in airport baggage handling systems.

Projects have included the design and build of aircraft hangars, design and re-organisation of security areas, installation of new passenger facilities, design and build of new transfer baggage facilities and re-organisation of existing airport baggage handling systems.

Millar Management is well known, not just for its technical expertise in airport baggage handling systems but for using its industrial engineering approach to ensure that building layouts are designed to meet the process flows of operations. When designing a new system, or re-organising an existing area, process-mapping is used to eliminate any duplicate or unnecessary operations. Once the operations of a business are understood and simplified where possible, buildings are designed or re-designed to directly meet the needs of the key processes. Waste and inefficient operations are eliminated.

Over the last 10 years, the business has grown rapidly, continuing to deliver innovative airport baggage handling systems solutions but also project managing a wide variety of projects. Its reputation for architectural design, process re-engineering and outstanding project management has led the business to be highly regarded in many business sectors.


No 7 Brunel Parkway
Pride Park
DE24 8HR


E : info@millarmanagement.co.uk

T : +441332 290412



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