Design for Safety

At MM we are focussed on design for safety and the importance of the design process in the construction industry.

For all projects we carry out a detailed design risk assessment process, the purpose of which is to mitigate and hazards from the build period and the operational life span of any construction project.

A key aspect of this process is to ensure that for all projects that is a site visit and sanity check, even if the survey information provided is very detailed.

Many issues arise on site and give safety problems when assumptions are made, and this is an area that MM concentrate on to improve the communication where safety is concerned.

  • Design Risk Assessments. This has been a key element in design for safety, and considers not only site issues, but off site works, and maintenance , use, and final demolition of a building at the end of its useful life.
  • HSE information on the CAD drawings. – These are specific highlighted notes on the drawings themselves that highlight any Health, Environmental or Safety issues that need to be considered.