Detailed Product Design

MM provide detailed product design for many projects, which involves developing Scheme design information to Production drawings, specifications and reports to describe the extent and quality of the project and allow the systems to be procured.

Often this will involve producing a design programme giving dates for the preparation and issue of each building element.

MM will identify and assess potential or known project risks and opportunities. Agree as a team how risks will be eliminated, mitigated or controlled, what contingencies should be allowed for and how opportunities will be taken advantage of.

Continue liaison with, submit application to and obtain necessary approvals from all relevant statutory bodies, fire and regulating authorities, and Building Control.

Attend all necessary meetings with the client, other consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, representatives of statutory and other regulatory bodies (including Building Control).

Information is to be provided for the Health & Safety File. The Health & Safety File shall be delivered prior to the date of handover for all relevant building fabric detailed under system selection.

Develop Designer CDM Risk assessments for Health & Safety Plan.