Baggage System Integration

Baggage System Integration, Hold Baggage Screening, Arrivals Baggage Carousels

The key to any successful baggage system integration project is a good design solution. Many solutions within the industry are ill conceived and often whilst being highly sophisticated, provide little in terms of an efficient operation. Millar Management will not only design a solution that is operationally efficient but one that has a level of complexity appropriate to the requirements of the operation ensuring that the solution is, cost efficient, appropriately sized and buildable within the constraints of the existing operation.

Millar Management have extensive experience with the following system elements:-


  • Two and three conveyor systems.
  • Bag drop facilities.
  • Kerb-side and remote check-in.

Hold baggage screening

  • Standards 1 , 2 and 3 including system integration requirements.
  • Out of gauge baggage screening.

Most sortation and baggage transportation products

  • Sorters, tilt tray, cross belt etc.
  • Conveyor sort lines.
  • Tote based.

Early bag storage, cranes, lane based, tote etc.

Make up facilities

  • Chutes, laterals carousels, etc.
  • ULD ball decks, pallet decks etc.

Arrivals Baggage Carousels

  • Flat bed, inclined.
  • Remote, or directly fed.
  • In line Customs Screening.

Transfer Baggage Input

  • Off-load docks.
  • Screening requirements.
  • Out of Gauge processes.

Inter terminal baggage systems

  • Van based.
  • System based, DCVs, Conveyor Based, Tote.