Data Modelling and Simulation

Designing baggage handling solutions that are sized correctly is often a combination of calculation and estimated growth and provides a serious challenge for any designer, through a process of data modelling and simulation. As well as analyzing key Client data available for forecast passenger growth, Millar Management use airport forecast flight schedules to generate peak flow analysis and peak utilization analysis providing key design information as well as demonstrating fit within a new or existing system.

Demand for key elements of systems can be modelled down to 5 minute peaks allowing greater understanding of the required system capacity related to key system elements including:

  • Carousel occupation and utilisation is modelled based on baggage delivery and passenger travel times.
  • Hold baggage screening lines based on demand and realistic throughput.
  • Transfer off-load docks.
  • Arrivals off-load docks.
  • System sortation demand.
  • Early bag storage.
  • Flight make-up requirements/positions.
  • Available redundancy.

The modelling allows testing of different scenario’s to understand the impact of change.

The data can be fed into material flow diagrams to help design systems and understand existing system constraints.

Simulation can be provided to demonstrate the adequacy of the baggage system as required.