Explosive Detection and 100% Hold Baggage Screening

One of the constantly developing areas within the baggage handling industry is the constant improvements in security and the technological improvements required to meet new legislation.

Millar Management have extensive experience integrating the latest Hold baggage Screening technologies. With an aspiration by the EU commissions and Dft to integrate Standard 3 technologies by 2018, this has become a key consideration for many airports. Millar Management have integrated a number of Standard 3 machines in various facilities at Heathrow Airport as long ago as 8 years as well as designing systems for and implementing both standard 1 and standard 2 technologies.

The implementation of Standard 3 EDS will impact existing airport systems and key considerations will include, throughput, weight and size of the new machines as well as maximum bag size in the case of some manufacturers.

The higher capital cost of Standard 3 technology machines places even more pressure on the designers and integrators to optimise the use of the machines in the systems.

Millar Management can assist with evaluation and development of selection criteria for an airport as well as providing a suitable system arrangement for the handling baggage security strategy.