System Design and Specification

Detailed Design

Whilst basic 2 dimensional option layouts are produced to identify the best option to fit within the airport infrastructure, once one of the options has been selected and developed, a full 3 dimensional design is developed formed of main baggage system components fully coordinated with the building structure and architectural elements.

The baggage design will incorporate the baggage operational elements including roads, pedestrian walkways, ULD handling systems and the like.

Additionally fully coordinated walkways and gantries are designed to complement the fully considered maintenance strategy for the new or modified system.

We are also able to provide vehicle tracking for baggage hall roads and the like to ensure that a full design service can be provided for the baggage facility.

Millar Management have also integrated BIM (Building Information Management) modelling into baggage system design elements.

Specification Documents

Millar Management also provide a suite of documents that support the design development and provide a basis for the further development of the system design, manufacture and installation. These include:-

  • User requirement Documents.
  • Outline Technical Specification Documents.
  • Equipment schedules.
  • Operational Documents.
    • Standard Operation Procedures.
    • Security Protocols.
  • Maintenance Strategy Documents.