Gatwick Pier 1 Baggage Facility

Working with one of the worlds leading Contractors Vinci Construction, Millar Management were employed to carry out the baggage system integration on Gatwick Airports new Pier and baggage handling system. With the main pier structure and passenger area design being handled by the lead Architect, Millar Management were employed to manage the interfaces between the baggage system and the Building. The detailed design included Roads, barriers, docks, stillage, walkways and lifting beams. One of the main challenges is that due a number of factors the structure height was inadequate for the baggage system access strategy and Gatwick Airport’s stringent standards to be achieved. This in turn meant that close coordination and innovative design was required to maintain the best possible head rooms and walkway widths.

The methodology for developing the design was via a BIM environment and it was crucial that the constantly developing model was continuously analysed for clashes. Using Navis as the method for viewing the 3 dimensional BIM environment, both Vinci and Gatwick Airport were able to easily see and understand the design issues and constraints allowing key decisions to be made.

Additionally, Millar Management were able to assist on the Early Bag Store Fire Strategy where the planned gas suppression system was found to be impractical due to scale and risk. Using baggage system knowledge, Millar Management were able to carry out an option analysis providing solutions for integrating a water based system including modelling all pipe runs, coordinating these with the baggage system and walkways.