Heathrow Terminal 3 Transfer Bag Capacity


Provision of additional capacity to existing T3 Baggage Transfer Facility MM designed solution included extended off-loads, pre-sort facility and Early Bag Sore.


Urgent project Benchmarked at £6.5m delivered for £4m – inception to completion 12 months.


Concept design options, scheme design and project management including all testing and commissioning and operational readiness.


The transfer baggage ADP in Terminal 3 Shelterspan was very poor caused by a lack of capacity, The lack of capacity causing queuing and impacting on other airport operations.

MM designed a number of concept proposals the ones adopted allowed full utilisation of HBS capacity and created additional output capacity via a new Early Bag Store.

Terminal 3 transfer baggage went from the worst performance to the best at Heathrow as the project went live.

The added bonus was Heathrow received savings as a result of the efficient management of the project.