Jomo Keyatta International Airport

Greenfield Terminal Baggage Handling System

Millar Management formed part of a successful team to design the new terminal and processor for the new Greenfield Terminal in Nairobi. Working closely with Pascall and Watson Architects, Millar Management developed the concept design solutions and a 3 dimensional design of the proposed new baggage handling system which was fully coordinated with the Architectural model of the new processor and pier structures.

One of the key requirements was that the system be designed within a 3 dimensional BIM environment and Millar Management were able to provide the baggage designs in Revit as well as showing proposed road layouts and pavements around the baggage areas.

The design incorporated all elements from check-in conveyors to make up carousels and transfer and arrivals off-load docks. The design incorporated in system Standard 3 Hold Baggage Screening for outbound baggage and in line customs screening for inbound baggage.

Full data analysis was carried out including demonstrating likely arrivals carousel occupation and all key system throughput elements to provide evidence of adequacy within the designed capacity.

Documentation including User Requirements Specification were provided at key stages.