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Millar Management were established in 1983, and since then have gained an internationally recognised reputation for their expertise of industrial, residential and commercial architectural design. Their expert knowledge of the rapidly changing Aviation Industry has also brought them global acclaim and because of this the business has developed a highly experienced team. Millar Management have successfully completed a large number of projects by combining its architectural expertise and comprehensive understanding of airline operations with technical expertise in baggage handling solutions.

Over the last 10 years, the business has grown rapidly, continuing to deliver innovative baggage system solutions but also project managing a wide variety of projects. Its reputation for residential, industrial and commerical architectural design, process re-engineering and outstanding project management has led the business to be highly regarded in many business sectors.

Latest News

Matching baggage system investment with airport growth

Matching baggage system investment with airport growth. At what point should a growing airport consider moving away from conveyor based sortation. As the world’s airports continue to see annual passenger growth of around 10%, the number of airports where larger capacity sortation is required is growing. Smaller airports will normally...

BIM and Baggage Handling

Since the late 90’s, Millar Management has been using 3D design software to develop and present baggage handling designs allowing the customer and stakeholders to fully understand the design intent and proposed operation   More recently we have developed our baggage handling designs in BIM providing an information based 3D...


An Integrated Approach to Baggage Handling Projects

Baggage handling systems are an essential element to an airport’s effective operation. Yet, many traditionally managed baggage handling projects are still delivering uninspired designs, unnecessarily high implementation costs, and excessive disruption, leaving operators to manage the consequences and passengers suffering. However, one UK based baggage handling consultancy believes its ‘integrated...



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