T3 Flight Connections Centre


Expansion of Heathrow Terminal 3 Flight Connections facility to increase the security lane capacity from 4No to 8No.


£8 million, 12 months programme duration.


Client Project Manager.


The project involved the extending the existing T3 Flight Connections facility over a busy airside road, and abutting the existing Pier 5.

A detailed phasing strategy was developed to enable the existing connections facility to remain open throughout the construction period. This plan also took into consideration the segregation of transfering and screened passengers.

New HVAC plant was provided on the roof to service the increased building volumes.

There were complex works within the road below to construct the new foundations, and jacking systems were installed to enable the building to be relevelled if any settlement occurred.

The project worked very closely at all times with the terminal management to ensure operational and passenger impact were mitigated.