T4 ABF Baggage Facility


Construction of a new building to enclose a recently extended baggage facility at Terminal 4, Heathrow, for Vinci Group.


Production Design period 26 weeks. Project on site now – Jan 2013– Approx £5m.


Architectural and civils production design and construction support services.


T4 ABF is an existing baggage facility, adjacent to the aircraft stands.

The facility had recently been extended to meet the growth in passenger numbers, and a temporary scaffold structure had been provided to protect the nely extedned baggage facility and the operators.

The project involved constructing a new building over the baggage facility, linking to the existing building, and forming a new blast wall at the aircraft stand lboundary.

The baggage facility was to remain fully operational during the construction phase, requiring attention to detail to ensure the correct interfaces with the existing structures and operational areas were maintained.